Upcoming Events and Important Dates

PORTRAITS  Fall 2016 and Spring 2016  (exact date TBA)

PRESCHOOL GRADUATION  June 2016   5:00-6:00pm

DENTAL CLINIC  Fall 2016 & Spring 2016  (exact date TBA)

MIDLAND FUNDRAISER  Fall 2016 (exact date TBA)

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM  December 2016 (exact date TBA)

Dental Clinic

The Mobil Dental Clinic

will be giving check ups at our Center

again in the fall (date and time TBA).

If you are interested in using

this service please keep an eye out

for registration opportunities

closer to these dates.


Feel free to invite family and friends.

During the Graduation ceremony children share songs and some of the things they have learned such as the pledge of allegiance and days of the week.


Following the ceremony is a Family Fun Nite with food, fun and games for all family and friends who attended the graduation.

It is never easy to say goodbye to the kids we love so much, but we do get to help them look forward to their bright future.

Thank you to all the kids that make life full of smiles.

Toddler room


This room is the kind of environment where any parent would want their child to be.

Because this room is separated from the preschool rooms, the teachers can give the toddlers their undivided attention without any distractions.

There is a bathroom area with a changing table and child-size toilet for potty-training.  We also have a kitchen area for meals and snacks.