About Us

What Makes A Child’s Life Learning Center Unique?

Stimulating Learning Centers:

Exploration of our senses through a variety of mediums: art, dramatic play, calm and active play, small and large motor skill activities, and outdoor play.

Our Vision:

includes creating a community-oriented environment where children are respected, nurtured, encouraged, and valued. We believe that God creates each child, and we realize the importance of building a relationship with their Creator as well as with peers, caregivers and parents. Our hope is to provide a partnership with parents, offering support whenever needed and confidence that their child is receiving top childcare.


Outdoor Play:

The outdoor environment includes a grassy area, garden boxes, pavement for riding bikes, climbing structures, swings, and a slide. When the weather keeps us inside the children get their exercise in our gymnasium.


We love to celebrate! Our children are treated like royalty with a crown and cake for their birthday. At Christmas we have a special program for family and friends, and in the summer there is a graduation ceremony followed by a family fun night.

For your convenience:

We offer USDA meal programs, and we accept DSHS.

Menus:  Breakfasts regularly include a fresh fruit and cereal, occasionally home-made breakfast bars or banana muffins.  Lunches are dinner type meals that include a meat, vegetable, fruit and grain.  Regular lunch menus include Tater-tot casserole, Ham and rolls, Rice and Chicken, Various types of sandwiches, spaghetti, and much more (there is minimal fried foods in our menus).  Snacks contain at least 2 of the 4 required food groups such as vegetables and bagel, fruit and crackers.  Milk is served at all breakfasts and lunches; juice, milk or water are served with snacks.