Employment Opportunities

We have a wonderful staff here at A Child’s Life, and they enjoy it so much that we have many who have been around for quite a number of years.  However, occasionally we have need for more help and are happy to take applications any time.

If you are interested in exploring an opportunity to work for us, you are welcome to email, call or just stop by and express your interest.  The first step is always to have you fill out an application.  The application will outline some of the expectations we have for our staff to help you determine if you want to continue to pursue a position, and will help me to know your interest and availability.


Job Descriptions

Support: Assist children, teachers and other staff through the day. 

*Responsibilities include giving teachers breaks; helping children with diapers, potty training, and changing clothes; some general, light cleaning; filling in wherever needed.

*The schedule may vary to adjust to other staff scheduling needs.


Teacher:  Be the leader of a single class on a daily basis. 

*Responsibilities include following lesson plans and arranging the classroom to enhance the learning environment, leading children in daily learning activities, supervising child-directed play, serving meals and supervising nap time.

*A 20 hour basic STARS training will be required within the first 6 months and 10 hours of continued STARS training will be provided each year.

*The schedule is kept as consistent as possible for the emotional security of the children. 


*Responsibilities include planning and implementing menus, shopping for and ordering food supplies, occasionally helping in classrooms. 

*The schedule is consistent M-F.